Brown County Clerk of Courts

Clerk of Courts - Clark Gray

Brown County Clerk of Courts will work together to:

Efficiently file, keep, and protect the records of the courts and title office

Serve all customers with professionalism

Provide feasible technology that utilizes resources in the most efficient manner

Conserve tax payers' dollars

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Clerk of Court Divisions:

  1. Title Division
  2. Municipal Court
  3. Common Pleas


Anyone who has been summoned for jury duty or has received a subpoena is familiar with the functions of the Clerk of Courts. So are owners of automobiles and watercraft when they apply for ownership titles. These are 2 of the more visible functions of a county elected official whose primary job is to keep accurate records of all proceedings in the county Common Pleas Court. The Clerk of Courts performs similar duties for the Court of Appeals.

In addition to court duties, which include collecting fines and court costs, the Clerk of Courts collects sales tax on automobiles.