Township Officials

Township Officials




Connie Scott 5255 St. Rt. 763, Ripley, OH 45167 373-3631

Steve Evans 10564 Oak Woods Rd., Winchester, OH 45697 373-3021

Shannon Wagoner 8667 George Miller Rd., Russellville, OH 45168 377-4304

Dallas Huff 5899 Huff Hill Rd., Russellville, OH 45168 373-3743


Tammie Ogle P.O. Box 358 Hamersville, OH 45130 379-1028

William Neal 12183 St. Rt. 774, Bethel, OH 45106 379-1711

Dennis Schneider 2636 Lucas Rd., Hamersville, OH 45130 379-1326

Steven Wallace 11437 Stratton Rd., Hamersville, OH 45130 379-1147


Donna Malblanc Young 10291 Melblanc Rd., Winchester, OH 45697 695-0428

Bob Burns 9436 Katterman Rd.. Sardinia, OH 45171 446-2802

Robert Hare 10626 Fincastle Winchester Rd., Winchester, OH 45697 695-0304

Joseph M. Purdy 12971 Five Points-Mowrystown Rd., Sardinia, OH 45171 446-3318


Lisa Jewel 11042 Brownstown Arnheim Rd., Georgetown, OH 45121 446-4394

Nicholas Dailey 11193 Fite Hauck Rd., Sardinia, OH 45171 446-3247

Mike Kress 11409 Steinman Rd., Georgetown, OH 45121 446-3848

Frank Fussnecker 10068 Hamer Rd., Georgetown, OH 45121 378-6665


Pam Campbell 4147 St. Rt. 286, Mt. Orab, OH 45154 444-4345

Gary Frye P.O. Box 90, Mt. Orab, OH 45154 444-3400

Jay Holden 4437 St. Rt. 286, Mt. Orab, OH 45154 444-1343

Daren Howser 16234 U. S. 68, Mt. Orab, OH 45154 444-4787


Alisa Applegate 8438 Scoffield Rd., Ripley, OH 45167 392-4639

Randy Dugan 9065 Scoffield Rd., Ripley, OH 45167 392-4566

Ileen Chamberlain P.O. Box 436, Aberdeen, OH 45101 795-2553

Randy Ginn P.O. Box 642, Aberdeen, OH 45101 795-2185


Warren Wagner 8922 Wright Rd., Sardinia, OH 45171 446-2846

Tim Ratliff 9589 John Woods Rd., Winchester, OH 45697 695-0199

James Rau 9335 Ashridge Winchester Rd., Winchester, OH 45697 695-0562

Danny Smith 10996 Martin Alexander Rd., Sardinia, OH 45171 446-3066


Sandra Best 7284 Clifton Ave., Russellville, OH 45168 377-4901

Gary Pickerill 8356 Pickerill Rd., Russellville, OH 45168 377-2445

Aaron Moran 6283 U.S. Rt. 62, Ripley, OH 45167 377-1312

Jeff Johnson 7883 Frost Rd., Russellville, OH 45168 377-2088

Township Officials



Troy Farrell 3025 Eden Rd., Hamersville, OH 45130 378-3515

Randy Waterfield 1521 Shinkles Ridge Rd., Georgetown, OH 45121 375-5695

Danny Wisby 7441 St. Rt. 505, Felicity OH 45120 375-6632 Cell # 513-405-1255

Robert Starrett 1871 Shinkels Ridge Rd., Georgetown, OH 45121 375-6721 Cell # 513-509-6231


Judy Iles 19957 Fayetteville Blanchester Rd., Fayetteville, OH 45118 513-875-3742

David Brinkman 3214 U.S. 50, Fayetteville, OH 45118 513-875-2424

L. Jeff Wiederhold 4569 Anderson State Rd., Fayetteville, OH 45118 513-875-3797

William Pritchard 5054 U.S. 50, Fayetteville, OH 45118 513-875-3165


Jenny Lind Conrad P.O. Box 95, Mt. Orab, OH 45154 444-7418

Jay Anderson P.O. Box 181, Mt. Orab, OH 45154 444-7089

Roger Griffith 13015 Lake Grant Rd., Bethel, OH 45106 444-6228

Steven Royalty 1725 Oakland Locust Ridge Rd. Mt. Orab, OH 45154 444-2614


Lori Drake 4090 Drake Marshall Rd., Georgetown, OH 45121 378-6069

Frank Helbling 103 Alley St., Georgetown, OH 45121 378-3835

Dennis Daulton 4726 Evans Run Rd., Georgetown, OH 45121 378-4563

Gary Gray 8737 McGohan Rd., Georgetown, OH 45121 378-3830


Joni Wallace 5127 Delhi Arnheim Rd. Georgetown, OH 45121 cell # 937-731-0152

Dale R. Anderson 4503 New Hope McKinley Rd., Georgetown, OH 45121 cell # 937-515-3856

Jamie M. Swearingen 10144 US 68, Bethel, OH 45106 cell # 937-515-4243

Tommy Vaughn 12188 Fite Rd., Bethel Ohio 45106 cell # 937-515-6576


Marilyn Lawrence 1268 Leebe Dr., Williamsburg, OH 45176 513-724-1354

Joseph Horton 1657 Nixon Rd., Williamsburg, OH 45176 513-724-3340

Steve Metzger 2966 St. Rt. 286, Williamsburg, OH 45176 444-3891

Kathy Dingus 2588 Harker Waits Rd., Mt. Orab, OH 45154 444-4885


Angela Hauke 5300 Schwallie Rd., Ripley, OH 45167 392-1435

Richard Haitz 5426 Pisgah Ridge Rd., Ripley, OH 45167 392-4584

Mark Kinder 7465 Scoffield Rd., Ripley, OH 45167 cell # 213-3033

Martin Plymesser 8 Kevin Drive, Ripley, OH 45167 cell # 618-0514


Matthew Latham 12667 Barnes Rd., Georgetown, OH 45168 446-4082 cell # 205-4554

Janie Wills 13552 Corboy Rd., Sardinia, OH 45171 446-2891 cell # 515-1178

John Corboy 13705 Corboy Rd., Sardinia, OH 45171 446-4112

Danny Bolender 13225 Wardlow Rd., Sardinia, OH 4517 446-3260

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