Telephone Numbers


Animal Shelter 937-378-3457
Auditor 937-378-6398
Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction,& Mental Health Services 937-378-3504
Board of Elections 937-378-3008
Brown County Counseling 937-378-4811
Building Department 937-378-4716
Child Support Enforcement Agency 937-378-6414
Clerk of Courts—Auto Title 937-378-3863
Clerk of Courts 937-378-3100
Commissioners 937-378-3956
Common Pleas Court 937-378-4101
Department of Jobs & Family Services 937-378-6104
Economic Development 937-378-3536
Emergency Management 937-378-5100
Engineer 937-378-6456
Extension Service 937-378-6716
Juvenile Court 937-378-6726
Developmental Disabilities 937-378-4891
Municipal Court (County Court) 937-378-6358
911 937-378-2474
Planning Commission 937-378-5075
Probate Court 937-378-6549
Prosecutor 937-378-4151
Recorder 937-378-6478
Sheriff 937-378-4435
Soil & Water Conservation District 937-378-4424
Treasurer 937-378-6705
Veterans Services 937-378-3155


Other Local Agencies

Adams/Brown Economic Opportunities(ABCAP) 937-378-6041
Adams Brown Recycling 937-378-3431
Brown County Chamber of Commerce 937-378-4784
Deputy Registrar(BMV) 937-378-4779
Division of Forestry Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources 937-378-4920
Fair Board 937-378-3558
Farm Bureau 937-378-2212
Farm Services Agency 937-378-6174
Helping Hands 937-378-6942
Ohio Valley Resource Conservation& Development 937-695-1293
Pregnancy Resource Center 937-378-6853
Senior Citizens Council 937-378-6603
Southern Ohio Veteran’s Home 937-378-2900
U.S. Department of Agriculture 937-378-6173
Women, Infants, & Children 937-378-6030
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